The Home Buying process made simple by Lake Country Home Team

The Lake Country Home Team truly does make the home buying process very easy. We work in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. These are the simplified steps to buying a home.

1. Get pre-approved - This is a very important step because you will want to know how much home you can afford. Envoy Mortgage from the Lake Country Home Team will be happy to help you out with this step. Often times steps 1 and 2 are interchangeable.
2. Find a home - This can be an easy process or a very drawn out process. It all depends on what your tastes are and distinguishing your needs from your wants.
3. Write an offer - This is something that is both very exciting and very nerve wracking. The Lake Country Home Team is here to help you with this. Of course, the part that goes with writing an offer is the negotiation. You could have several counter offers before getting an accepted offer.
4. Once you have an accepted offer - This is the time when you will be going through the contingencies. If you are using a mortgage you will have to approved for the loan. If you wanted a home inspection you will need to do that. There are several factors that an offer could be contingent on, and this is the period to take care of those contingencies.
5. You have gone to pending - This is a great place to be. This means that all of the contingencies have been met and you are all set for closing.
6. Closing - If you have a mortgage this usually takes much longer, and get your hand ready to sign, sign, and sign some more. If you don't have a mortgage it usually only takes about 5-10 minutes, lucky you.
7. Move into your new home - Congratulations you have signed off on your new home you now have the keys and are ready to start moving in.

There you go, the home buying process step-by-step. Of course, this is simplified, and occasionally things can go wrong and you can get half way through step 4 and have to start over. That will be a topic for another day. For more great tips and information, as well as, a fantastic easy to use home search feature be sure to visit our website at